About Me

Hello, I'm Rachel and I'm a (no longer!! :S) twenty-something craft obsessive!! :D 

I've always loved to be creative but only really got into cardmaking in 2004 after a teacher showed me heat embossing... I thought it was like magic (still do!!) and that's when the obsession with all things crafty began!! :) 

Since then I've branched out into making jewellery, which I love, and more recently have tried my hand again at knitting and learned to crochet... did I mention obsession?! ;) My first love is papercraft, though, and I am totally and completely addicted to rubber stamps!! :) 

As I have M.E., I'm not able spend as much time crafting- or online- as I'd like but crafting (actual or vicarious through blogs and galleries) is what keeps me going and I try to post on here whenever I can :) 

I spend more time than I should looking around blogland (and now Pinterest!! :D) at all the amazing inspiration out there and can get just a teensy bit distracted but, if you leave me a comment, I'll try and visit you too!! ;)I hope you'll like what you see and thank you so much for taking the time to visit my little ol' blog! :)


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